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Conrad Pickel Studio, Inc.

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About Us

Conrad Pickel Studio creates stained and faceted glass windows, mosaics and sculpture for religious and secular buildings throughout North America. Founded by the late Conrad Pickel, it is now under the direction of second-generation president Paul Pickel.

Conrad Pickel (1906 - 1994) learned the art of stained glass with the famed Mayer Studio in Munich, Germany. He began his own studio in 1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it quickly grew into one of the leading studios in the country. In 1956, Mr. Pickel started a branch in Vero Beach, Florida and transferred the complete operation there in 1977. Under the direction of Mr. Pickel's son, Paul, the studio continues to develop new techniques and applications for stained glass and mosaic. The studio's work may be seen in many of the finest churches, cathedrals and cemeteries. One commission, the Resurrection Mausoleum in Chicago, IL, is the world's largest stained glass window according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2000, Pickel Studio Vice President, Lisa Pickel, opened the "West Coast" office located in San Diego, California. In June 2002, Todd Hara joined the studio as the West Coast Sales Representative.

Conrad Pickel Studio welcomes inquiries. It maintains a staff large enough to handle any size project, yet small enough to give each project careful individual attention.

Foreman Paul Thornton is a master craftsman working in all departments of the studio as well as organizing production. He uses his knowledge of all the tools and materials in the studio to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. He frequently works with mosaics, preparing them for installation after their return from Italy. He also precision cuts the particularly demanding glass shapes sometimes required for a window.

Rosie Barbarena is in charge of one of the most important steps in making a stained glass window: choosing the perfect shade for a glass piece from hundreds of possible colors. Rosie copies each window design in order to make patterns from which to cut the glass pieces. She also works with faceted glass transfering shapes from pattern to glass.

Among Joe Martinez' many areas of expertise is the preparation and leading of stained glass windows. First he cuts glass to the shapes and sizes needed, then when the glass pieces have been painted and fired he assembles them and taps them into place between strips of lead. Finally he solders the lead to hold the finished window together.

Christian Neira is a Peruvian seasoned professional with practical experience for more than 14 years in stained glass, designing, making, restoring, installation and removal; using techniques such as stained, leaded, beveled and painting on glass. His designs range from traditional to modern styles. He is also familiar with sand blasting andf mosaic techniques.

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