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The Conrad Pickel Studio has created colorful interior and exterior mosaics for private, commercial, and religious buildings throughout North America. The Conrad Pickel Studio uses the Finest Italian Mosaic smalti in its creations. 

The mosaic designs are created by Pickel artists in collaboration with the client. Once the scale design is approved, full actual size drawings are prepared and then in one age-old technique, the drawing is reversed and the mosaic craftsman can begin the process of selecting and placing from thousands of colors. Each small tesserae is carefully placed and cut to the required shape. The individual pieces, which are glued to puzzle shaped sections of the paper, are shipped to the project site, and then slowly installed by section onto the prepared walls or walkways. The paper to which the mosaic has been glued is then carefully soaked off leaving in full the positive view of the glorious color of the mosaic.


Mosaics by Conrad Pickel Studio -  Custom designed to fit your needs.

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