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Pickel Studio executes Sculptures in Bronze, using the traditional "Lost Wax Process". Clay is modeled to form a full-size model. Then a mold is made, into which wax is poured. The wax is hand detailed then dipped repeatedly into a ceramic slurry, forming a "shell". The mold is heated and the wax is "Lost" in the process, leaving a cavity inside the shell. Molten Bronze is poured into the heated mold and then, after cooling the shell is chipped away. After painstaking detailing and cleaning by hand, the sculpture is patinated to achieve a variety of finished appearances.

All wood statues are carefully carved in Italy from sketches by Pickel Studio. The carvings are usually made in Lindenwood and are lightly stained so that the natural grain of the wood remains visible. Other finishes are also available. For a more rustic effect, carvings are also available in Chestnut and Ashwood. Prices vary with size and complexity. 


Sculptures by Conrad Pickel Studio -  Custom designed to fit your needs.

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