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The Narro-Niche™ Solution




  •  Slim-Line Design
    Fits into spaces conventional Niches cannot!

  • Provides NEW Revenue!

  •  Narro-Niche™ installs on unused walls!

  • 3/4" thick, solid Marble or Granite Front - Indoors or out

  • Bronze Urn - 240 cu. in. capacity (included)

Increase Your Revenue

The Narro-Niche™ provides a NEW SLIM-LINE Full Capacity Niche Using only 5" of Depth. Use Our Narro-Niches™ in corridors previously un-used. The Narro-Niche™ will provide NEW REVENUE POTENTIALS and a distinctive visual appearance. Narro-Niches™ may be further enhanced with a Mosaicfront™ design by Pickel Studio.

 Columbarium Mosaic and Stained Glass Niche Fronts  

The Mosaicfront™, invented by the Pickel Studio as a means of memorialization, is a unique adaptation of the ancient art of mosaic. Using only the finest Venetian glass smalti, artists at the Pickel Studio create individual decorative panels of colorful mosaic. When combined, these decorative panels fronting niche or crypt spaces form features of striking beauty. Each front is designed to accept lettering or nameplates for individual memorialization.


Pickel Mosaicfronts™ framed in bronze are compatible in size and thickness with traditional marble or granite shutters and use the same type of mounting systems.


The Pickel Studio, with more than fifty years of experience in creating mosaic murals, welcomes inquiries and is pleased to assist in design and color selection to custom fit the requirements of each project.

The stained glass niche is a complete marble or granite cremation niche with a back panel of faceted glass. The niches fit together to form a larger image such as a cross or sunset. There is a sealed space inside the base of each niche to place remains. Nameplates can be added to the front of the urn space. This is an excellent solution for cemeteries that like the idea of combining beauty and increased revenue. Each niche comes with a clear glass front panel. As an extra feature, a gold-colored frame can adorn the clear glass fronts.

Narro-Niche by Conrad Pickel Studio -  Featuring custom designed stained glass and mosaic fronts.

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