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Stained Glass

Faceted Glass

Pickel Studio uses the finest mouthblown antique glass to produce unique and original leaded stained glass windows. Most of the glass is made in Europe just as it has been for a thousand years and therefore has an unusual sparkle and texture. Special consideration is given to the shading in each piece of colored glass. The leading is done in a practical and artistic manner to accent the construction of the window. The leading is cemented in place, and strengthening bars are soldered to the panels. The weight of leaded glass is about four pounds per square foot.

Features and details are hand painted onto the glass using special metallic oxide paint. The paint is then fused to the glass in a kiln reaching temperatures of 1350 degrees, making it absolutely permanent. Stained glass is an art of its own. It does not seek to imitate the art of painting. Stained glass artists strive to be eloquent in presentation, but avoid sentimentality; seek beauty, but avoid prettiness. Thus stained glass art has an enduring worth and lasting interest, no matter how often seen.

The largest stained glass window in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, resides in Resurrection Cemetery, Justice, Illinois. Pickel Studio created this window using over 22,000 square feet of faceted glass. Pickel Studio began working with the medium of faceted glass in the early 1960's. Since then the studio has created over 1,000 exciting windows and walls of glass complementing many styles of architecture.

Faceted glass is constructed of 1" thick colored stained glass, cut to shape, and then cast in an epoxy resin. The design is achieved by the rich interplay and contrast of the translucent glass with the opaque epoxy.

Slabs (dalles) of glass are hand-cut to the shapes indicated on the artist's full-size drawing. The glass is then faceted (shelled) to create the rich sparkle. The glass slabs are embedded in epoxy resin with selected aggregates applied to both surfaces of the epoxy. For purposes of appearance and extra strength, the Pickel Studio double casts each panel. The finished weight is ten pounds per square foot.


Stained and Faceted Glass by Conrad Pickel Studio -   Custom designed to meet your needs.

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