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Completed: Our Lady of the Angels - Video

We're happy to share with you the final product of our project at Our Lady of the Angels in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Over the last 2+ years, we worked closely with the clergy and donors to help bring their visions to life.

Stained glass has always been a way to visually tell a story to all. It breaks the barriers of status and language. Unlike a painting it moves with the light - creating new types of life within the story it's telling throughout the day. Please enjoy this glimpse into the hard work and dedication we strive for here at Conrad Pickel Studio.


As always, for all your stained glass, mosaic, and sculpture needs - big or small - reach out to us so we can help bring your vision to life!

See more completed projects like this throughout our website or on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Want to learn more about our stained glass, mosaic, or sculpture offerings - click here to contact us today!\

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