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Completed: Rose Hills Cemetery Mosaics

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Today we are very excited to show you our recently completed mosaic project!


Conrad Pickel Studio recently completed and installed mosaics for Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, CA. One part of the project consisted of a mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the South Elevation. The  8’ x8’ mosaic features the figure of Our Lady of Guadalupe surrounded by roses.


Rose Hills Cemetery is world-famous for its roses. The design created by artists at the cemetery is a tapestry of pink roses. On the North Elevation is a columbarium with Pickel Mosaicfronts™ maintaining the rose theme. The roses, in a technique developed by the Pickel Studio, front 96 12” x 12” Niches and extend into the background forming a beautiful mural. The mosaics are made of the finest Venetian glass mosaic and were made by skilled artists near Venice, Italy. The mosaic and Mosaicfronts™ were assembled by craftsmen here at Pickel studio. Each Mosaicfront™ is framed by polished bronze. Pickel studio craftsmen installed the mosaics on the specially prepared walls at the cemetery in Sept 2019.


Just outside the city of LA, the surrounding area of the Rose Hills Cemetery is beautiful. If you happen to be in the area, consider a stop by to take in all it has to offer.

To learn more about what a Mosaicfront™ is and what they can offer you, click here or contact us with any questions you may have.

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