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The History Of Print

We live in a world that relies heavily on communication. Nowadays we can't live without it. Digital expansion of communication has made it possible to connect and learn in an instant. It's on our TVs, our phones, our watches, and even our refrigerators. However, while digital expansion has created a new instant way for communication, the first real boom came from the creation of the printed word. Back in the 1950s, our studio had the privilege of creating a window for Delzer - a printing company that was established around the same time as us. Here the window shows the history of the printed word.

Even with modern digital ways to communicate the history of the printed word is the foundation of how we consume information. The printed word still has a place in modern society and our friends at Delzer our leading the way in the services they can provide to you.

If you liked to learn more about the history of this window (and see some more close up pictures!) check out the brief write on Delzer's website - HERE.

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